USSD Codes of Airtel – A Complete Updated List to Check Balance, Plans

The Full form of USSD Code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, sometimes the code is called “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a communications rules used by GSM cellular Mobile phones to communicate with the mobile network operators. USSD codes can be used to give independent calling facility such as a callback service (to overcome phone charges while roaming), enhance interactive data services or mobile marketing capabilities.USSD code is generally used by prepaid GSM cellular mobile phones to query the available balance, best offers, and other facilities which are provided by their Service provider. Here in this post, I am providing a complete List of all USSD codes for Airtel. This is very difficult to remember all USSD Codes of Airtel.

Bharti Airtel is India’s biggest telecommunication organization, which provides data and voice services for postpaid and prepaid Mobile phones.

USSD Codes of Airtel

Are you Searching for latest Airtel USSD Codes?

Maximum of the websites are giving outdated USSD Codes of Airtel that they did not work properly. But Here In this article, we have provided all verified Airtel USSD Codes. So, we are providing fully working and latest or updated Full List of All USSD Codes of Airtel for Offers plans and Balance.


Hey, Friends here we provide all Airtel USSD Codes or USSD Codes of Airtel and How to use these codes. All Airtel User can Check these codes for different services which are provided by Airtel Free of Cost.


These Airtel USSD codes are the unique shortcodes that give your sim information. By Using these short USSD Codes of Airtel we can check sim card information like internet balance check, balance check, mobile number check and much other information or data linked to your telecom network.


Friends, Do you want to know about USSD Codes of Airtel for your Balance, internet data pack, SMS pack, Call rate cutter, Night Minute’s packs and other necessary packs. There are many USSD Codes for Airtel which helps you to know about all the details related to all these packs.  You can also know about the Latest plan of your number and take credit loan by use USSD Codes for Airtel.


So we are listing all the updated Airtel USSD Codes for you, You can easily check your balance, take credit, know about your latest offer on your Network. You can easily continue any services with help of USSD Codes for Airtel and also stop these services with help of these quick codes quickly.

Updated list of USSD Codes :

Complete List of All USSD Codes of Airtel 

Balance Inquiry Code                                       ———-               *123# OR *111#

Mobile Number Check Code                  —————-              *282# OR *111#

Internet Balance Check Code Airtel 3G/4G GPRS    —–  *121*2#

To know 2G/3G/4G GPRS Internet Setting      ———-      Send SMS “MO” To 54321

To know Best Offer                                       ——————       Dial *121*2

To know Latest Best Offer Check Code             ———-       *111# OR Dial *121*3#

To know Rs.10 Credit Talktime Loan USSD Code  —–         *141*10*1#

To know 80 MB Data Loan USSD Code                 ——–         *141*10*2#

To know A to A Balance Transfer Code             ———-         *141# and select “Share Talktime” option

To know (Credit + Data Loan) Number           ———–          Call on 52141

Activate Airtel 3G/4G Service                              ———–          3G To 121


USSD Codes of Airtel

USSD Codes of Airtel for All Information About Your Airtel Number


To Know Balance Check USSD Code                                         *121*1#

To Know Best Offers Check USSD code                                    *121*1#

To Know Balance and Validity Check USSD Code                  *121*2#

To Know (2G/3G/4G) Internet Data Balance Check              *121*2#

To Know Daily Data usage check USSD Code                          *121*2#

To Know Voice Balance Check USSD Code                              *121*2#

To Know SMS Balance Check USSD Code                                *121*2#

To Know all Other balance Check USSD Code                        *121*2#

To Know Recharge by Coupon code                                          *121*3#

To Know Enternetiamnt Services                                              *121*4#

To Know Activated Services on your number                         *121*5#

To Know Validity and DTH Balance                                          *121*6#

To Know Last 5 Deduction code)                                                *121*7*1#

To Know Value Added Services                                                  *121*7*2#

To Know Voice Pack Deduction                                                  *121*7*3#

To Know SMS/ MMS (Balance) Details Check code               *121*7*4#

To Know Last Data  Balance Deduction                                    *121*7*5#

To Know Last 5 Recharge Details                                               *121*7*6#

To Know Data Pack Code                                                             *121*8*2#

To Know GPRS Internet Data Loan                                           *121*8*3#

To Know Roaming Pack Check USSD Code                             *121*8*4#

To Know SMS Pack Check USSD Code                                     *121*8*5#

To Know Voice Pack Check USSD Code                                   *121*8*6#

To Know SIM Mobile Number Check USSD Code                 *121*9# OR *282#

To Know Voice, SMS, Data Packs Check Code                        *121*10# OR *121*13#

To Know 3G/4G Internet Data (Net Pack) Packs                   *121*11*1#

To Know 2G Internet Data (Net) Packs                                    *121*11*2#

To Know Night Data Cash Back Packs                                      *121*11*3#

Deactivate Activated Packs                                                          *121*12*5#

Transfer Airtel Talktime Balance                                               *141*1#

To Know Internet Data Loan Code                                            *141*2#

To Know Talktime Credit Loan                                                  *141*3#

To Know Auto Credit at Low Balance                                       *141*4#

To Know – Ask time to your friend                                           *141*5#

Pock Call Request                                                                         *141*6#

Send Call me back SMS to your friend                                     *141*7#

Airtel GPRS Internet (Net) Setting                                            “MO” To 54321

Port Airtel Mobile Number to other network                          SMS PORT <Mobile number> to 1900

To Know Recharge by Coupon code                                          *121*3*<16 Digit PIN>#

To Know Credit Loan and Data Loan                                        *141*10#

Activate Airtel 3G/4G Data Service                                           SMS 3G to 121

To know Nearest Airtel Store                                                      SMS ARC<Pin Code> to 121

To know Minute Balance Check Code                                       Login Airtel self-care


User or Customer Check these Codes for their Airtel Number and they can also use these Airtel USSD Codes to other Sevices like check their Airtel 4g balance check, airtel balance check no, airtel balance check online, how to check data balance in airtel postpaid, how to check airtel 3g balance, Airtel USSD codes list, airtel net balance check code, airtel 4g balance check, how to recharge airtel net pack from main balance.


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