Vodafone Loan Number For Talktime And Net Balance In 2018

Vodafone is India’s largest telecom Industry. It provides the best service to its customers. Sometimes customers don’t have enough balance to call and they want to urgent call to someone. In this situation, Vodafone provides a small amount loan in their main account. So they can use this loan for talk time balance and make a call. Here In this post, I am providing Vodafone  Loan number and how to get talk time balance and Data balance loan in Vodafone. So, friends, we start our journey of this post.

First I want to tell you about Loan service, Basically, Loan is an amount of money or equivalent which is provided someone on some basic charges. With this loan, the user can do his pending work.

Vodafone loan Number

The Loan is different types of home loan, car loan, self-loan, talk time loan, data internet loan etc.

About Vodafone Loan Number Services?⚙

The Vodafone loan is also the same as like the other loan like the bank loan. We can say that Vodafone provides a small amount of loan on your phone when you are out of balance.

For this service, Vodafone charges a small amount which is dedicated form your account. The charge is normal like 1 or 2 Rs for 10 Rs balance.

USSD Codes For Vodafone Loan Number [Internet and Talktime Loan]

For loan amount, every company has some extra amount of charge which is dedicated from your next recharge. For example when you take Vodafone loan of 5 Rs than it charges 6 Rs in your next Recharge. And when you take a loan of 10 Rs than it demands 13 Rs from your next recharge.

The question is here how to get Vodafone loan amount. For the answer to this question, users need to do some simple Vodafone USSD Codes. By running these codes form your phone you get Vodafone loan amount. These codes are given here.

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Vodafone Loan Number For Talk time Balance

Here I am talking about how to get Vodafone talk time.🤔 All the things are given here below please check these.

Main Conditions For Vodafone Talk time loan :

  • For loan Customers balance should be below  5 Rs.
  • In this Customers get 10 Rs Loan Amount Instantly.
  • Customers should use the Vodafone number for more than 3 months.
  • For this loan, Vodafone charges a small amount like 3 Rs in the next recharge.
SMS Credit to 144 for Rs. 10 as Loan


Dial 1241 for Rs. 10 as Loan

After sending the SMS or dialing you can choose from 3 options:

Note: The charges may vary of different loan amount or these charges may be on revised by company time to time. The charges are given here

  • For Rs. 5 you have to repay Rs. 6
  • For Rs. 10 you have to repay Rs. 12
  • For Rs. 25 you have to repay Rs. 28

Vodafone Loan Number For Data Balance 

Here I am talking about how to get Vodafone Data Balance. All the things are given here below please check these.

Main Conditions For Vodafone Talk time loan :

  • Your Vodafone SIM Must be prepaid.
  • In your account, the data must be less than 10 MB.
  • In this scheme, customers will Get 30 MB Data Loan for 1 Days.
  • The number of Vodafone Customers should be 3 months old.
SMS ICREDIT to 144 for 30 MB for 1 day as Loan

For this Vodafone may charge some amount form your next recharge.

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