Steps Required To Link Aadhar Card To Idea Number In 2018

Aadhar Card is a necessary document which is issued by Government of India As an ID proof of Indian Citizen.  The Indian Government is to make it necessary to link to your mobile Number. Now present time if you need or you want to get new mobile number Aadhar Card is necessary or we can say that without Aadhar card any telecom operator not provide a new Mobile number. Present Time All existing mobile number also linked to Aadhar Card. In this article, I am providing how to Link Aadhar Card to Idea Number.

Basic Need To Link Aadhar Card To Idea Number

The Department of Telecommunication is formally known as DOT is strictly instruction to all Indian telecom companies that they verify their customer’s sim number by Aadhar Card. By doing so it reduces the fake sim cards and provides more security and features to their customers.

In other perspective, peoples say that this is a part of digitalization. Our government wants to make digital India.

link aadhar card to idea

Necessary Elements required For Linking Aadhar To Your Idea Number

If you want to Link your Aadhar Card with Your Idea mobile number given things are required

  • Your Aadhar Card or your Aadhar Card Number.
  • Your Idea phone Number on which you want to link your Aadhar.
  • The person who’s named in Aadhar Card.

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Steps Required To Link Aadhar Card To Idea Number 2018

So let’s start our journey to know how to link your Aadhar card with your Idea number.

  • For Link Aadhar Card to Idea Number, First, visit your nearest Idea store or any other idea retailer with your all necessary document or elements which I mentioned above.
  • At the Idea, store Ask the executive to link your Aadhar Card to Your Idea number in a very polite voice.
  • Now provide your Aadhar Card to the executive and help the executive for the verification process.
  • Tell your number and they will send you an OTP (one-time password) on that number and tell them back that OTP, it might be 4 or 6 digits.
  • After that, the executive put your finger to the scanner for the verification process.
  • After a few seconds of this process, they will tell you that your number has been verified with your Aadhar card and you will also get a confirmation method on that number.
  • Now your Aadhar card is linked to your Idea number. Say thanks to the executive with a quiet smile.

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