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Mukesh Ambani announcement the Reliance Jio’s on September 1, 2016. Jio is a Telecom company in India. The Reliance Jio Offers lowest 4G data  Data Plans and also provides voice calls on Jio that is free for life. So Jio gets popularity very soon. Now Jio is available for everyone. But some customers of Jio are not satisfied with 😂 its services and wants to change their network🔭. Somer other telecom companies customers also want to join Jio Services. Today I will discuss Jio port (Methods and process for Jio Port). So let’start our Journey.🏂

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Methods For Jio Number Port In/ Out In 2018 🛰

There are two methods which are most usually for porting Jio Number. I will discuss these methods Here

  • By Call method
  • By SMS method

Jio Number Port In/ Out By Call Method

In this method, you need to call to the customer care or call the given Number.

Call on 1900


Main Steps In Call Method

First Open the dialer pad of your mobile phone.

Call to the customer care and get the UPC (Unique Port Code.

Now go to the Customer care office of the respective telecom company and fill out the application form and tell the Unique port Number to the executive.

Jio Port Number In/ Out By SMS Method

In this process, customer needs to send an SMS from their mobile phone to 1900. This will provide you a Unique Port Number.

SMS PORT <space><your current mobile number> to 1900

Now go to the Customer care office of the respective telecom company and fill out the application form and tell the Unique port Number to the executive.

Necessary Documents 📃 Required For Jio Port

Here is a list of Necessary documents which are required

  • A passport size photograph.
  • ID proof – only Aadhar Card is required. No other id proof is valid for this.
  • Your current mobile number, operator name, and UPC (Unique Port Code) code, it is of 8 digits.

About Jio Port 🐻

Jio Port is the process of converting your current network or telecom to another telecom or network. First We define the portability. Basically, we can define probability is the to change form present service to other services. Or we can say that in portability users can change their present things to other things.

Mobile portability is to change your sim card other networks from your present networks. If customers are not satisfied with their present network than they change their network. They can Do this with some simple steps. I tell you about Jio Port Number and how you can port.

Main Advantages Of Jio Port Number🍔

There are many pros of Jio port Which are as given here.

  • By doing this customers don’t need to change their current number 📞
  • If you have a network issue🗼 than you get a better network here.
  • Customers get cheap plans and offer if they are thinking that their current network is too expensive
  • And 😅 Many other facilities are in the queue.

Main Disadvantages of Jio Port Number🌶

There are some cons of Jio port. These are as given here

  • Customers have to pay Rs.  19 💰 as a fee for porting.
  • The port may take one week time 😲

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