About JIO New Phone -Comparison Of JIO PHONE 1 VS JIO PHONE 2

Jio is Fastly growing telecom company in India. Day by Day it improves its services and provides better services to its customers. Now Jio launched a new phone. The Jio New Phone is more features compare to Jio previous phone. So, basically, today in this article we will discuss jio phone 2, JIO New Phone, jio phone 2 vs jio phone 1, jio phone 2 cons, jio new phone specifications, jio phone 2 pros, jio phone 2 price and many other things are going to clear.

Jio New Phone – Jio Phone 2 

Jio phone 2 or Jio new phone is just an upgraded version of its small and previous jio phone. In this phone, it provides more features than the Jio phone 1.

The Jio Phone 2 is like the Nokia E series phone. This is how jio phone 2 looks like:

jio new phone

Jio Phone 2 or Jio New Phone Features & Specifications ⚙

Let’s discuss Jio Phone 2 specifications (features) below and let see what Jio is serving now.

Jio Phone 2 Features Jio Phone 2 Specifications
Jio Phone 2 Display 2.40 Inches
Jio Phone 2 Screen Resolution 240 x 320 Pixels
Jio Phone 2 RAM 512 MB
Jio Phone 2 OS KAI OS
Jio Phone 2 Storage 4 GB
Jio Phone 2 Camera 2 MP (Rear one), 0.3 MP (Front Camera)
Jio Phone 2 Battery 2000 mAh
Jio Phone 2 Expendable Storage Up to 128 GB

Comparison Of Jio Phone 2 Vs Jio Phone  1 

Jio is really looting us now, here is the proof.

Price Of Jio Phone 2 Vs Jio Phone 1  

Jio Phones Name Price
Jio Phone 1 1500
Jio Phone 2  Rs. 2999

Software Comparison  Of Jio Phone 2 Vs Jio Phone 1 

Jio Phones Name Software
Jio Phone 1 Comes with KaiOS
Jio Phone 2 Comes with KaiOS with YouTube, WhatsApp

About Design Of Jio Phone 2 Vs Jio Phone 1 

Jio Phones Name Design
Jio Phone 1 It looks like Nokia 150 Dual SIM
Jio Phone 2 It looks like the Nokia E series

Specifications Of Jio Phone 2 Vs Jio Phone 1  

Jio Phones Name Specifications
Jio Phone 1 Both Have Same Specifications
Jio Phone 2 Both Have Same Specifications

Main Pros  Of Jio Phone 2 or Jio New Phone 

Jio New Phone is not so bedded phone. After complete comparison, this is also another good phone the features which make it more effective.

Main Cons Jio Phone 2 or Jio New Phone

Here Now let’s discuss jio phone 2 cons. The Main cons of Jio Phone are as given here

  • Jio phone 2 comes with a price tag of R. 3000. Rs. 3000 just for a feature phone who can’t even run another sim in 4G mode.
  • The 3rd party app is not installed on this phone.
  • It Doesn’t have a hotspot feature.
  • The size of Screen is same as Jio phone 1
  • The Hardware platform is same as Jio phone 1

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Should We Buy Jio Phone 2 or Jio New phone? 

No, no no I’ll say again no. Don’t buy Jio phone 2 or Jio New Phone for Rs. 3000. Because it has more price for a phone and only Jio sim work in this phone and the amount is also not refundable. So spending Rs. 3000 just for a feature phone is not a good idea or think.

We live in 2018 and in this age living with a feature phone is like living in the cave. Just add 2000 more and buy a good smartphone.

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