Jio Fiber Broadband: Registration And Other Improtant Info About Jio Fiber

Nowadays, Jio Fiber plays a very important for your office and home Internet. Jio Fiber is the New generation technology which is already begun to use in some areas of our country. By this technology, Jio provides a better and reliable experience of the digital world. This service offers the marvelous experience of exploring the whole internet world. Today In this Article I am providing How to Get Jio Fiber Broadband Connection, Application Form, Jio Fiber Plans, Jio Fiber Bill payment methods and all about Jio Fiber. So let’s start our Journey.

Jio Fiber provides the ultra-fast download and upload speed and high effective functioning in mili seconds.

jio fiber

Just imagine a private and very high-speed internet just inside your home or office. This increases your productivity.  You can check out Jio FIber Booking, Jio GigaFIber Price, Jio FIber broadband plans, Jio GigaFiber Dealership, Jio GigaFiber Plans etc.

About Jio Fiber Broadband Technology

Jio Giga Fiber is the newest technology offering from Jio for your home. Jio offers a superior and fast internet experience to explore your Digital Life. Fiber is the next generation technology.
Jio Giga Fiber provides best and fast Internet speed. Using Jio GigaFiber You can enjoy the fast and high-speed Internet.

About Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology in JioGigaFiber

Jio Giga Fiber connectivity comes directly to your homes and provides you with a high-speed internet. Using The traditional cables provides poor internet speed and low connectivity to the internet.
The end result is a totally different internet experience when fiber comes directly to your home.

Jio fiber Better Than Your Current Broadband Operator

Here I provide a complete list of benefits which are provided by Fiber optics over the local cables:

1) JioFiber gives the fastest Internet connection.

2) JioFiber enables the UHD with its ultra-fast download & upload speeds that also gives a seamless experience of a variety of camera application usage, video conferencing etc.

3) There is no requirement to turn post installations in Fiber networks because companies update them with the latest technology which generates the electronic light pulses.

Current Plan Of Jio Giga fibers

The presently offer of Jio Fiber preview offer, it provides you a high-speed internet up to 100Mbps for 90 days along with a monthly pack of 100 GB with a gratis access of Jio’s premium apps.

If you use your 100Gb pack within the month then don’t worry Jio Continue provides high-speed Internet to you. A 40GB complimentary pack is also provided by Jio.

You can recharge it via MyJio App or from As we already told that this is a Jio preview Offer so there is no Installation fee but you need a security deposit of Rs. 4500 for the ONT device and the deposit fees is totally refundable. You can pay this amount via Debit card, Credit card, Jio Money or PayTM etc.

FQA Related to Jio FIber

How Much & Why Do I Have To Pay A Security Deposit For Ji Gigaofiber Services?

The security deposit of Rs 4500 which is taken for the ONT device also known as GitHub Home Gateway that is provided by Jio.

And if you choose to discontinue to using the JioFiber services then the deposit will be refunded if you provided the installed devices are returned in good as well as working condition.

The deposit will be refunded if you choose to discontinue using the JioFiber services, provided the installed devices are returned in good and working condition.

Is It True Jio Giagfiber Have Both Prepaid And Post-Paid Option?

At present, JioFiber only provides the Prepaid services. But Jio also plans to launch the Post-paid services in some time.

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Points Which Makes Jio Fiber Unique From Another Broadband Sector

  • Enjoy high-speed internet
  • Experience hassle-free installation
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Manage your account
  • Stream 4K content

Jio Giga Fiber Launch Date 

Mukesh Ambani has recently announced the launch date of Jio Fiber Broadband. The availability of this service is the start form 15Aug 2018.

The Customers who want to Buy this service can register their self for this service.

How To Book Jio Fiber Broadband Service

Nowadays, Reliance Jio going to launch FTTH [Fiber To Home] service. In starting this service is launched in 30 Cities and later it is extended.

You have to visit official site for registration process and gathering more information about the JioFiber Preview Offer.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans & Offers:

Here we are going to tell you about the glimpse of JioFiber plans that make you aware of all of the services of the Jio Fiber. There are available two kinds of plans one is available at a totally affordable price, I.e; just started from Rs. 500. And the second one is a bit expensive but it provides you the unlimited speed per day.

Special Offer Data Limit Speed Limit Validity
Rs. 500 600 GB 15 Mbps 30 days
Rs. 1000 500 GB 25 Mbps 30 days
Rs. 500 3.5 GB/day Unlimited 30 days
Rs. 800 Unlimited Unlimited 30 days


There is given another price table of Jio Fiber Plans for unlimited speed which is starting for just Rs. 1000 with one-month validity.

Per day data usage Speed Plan Price Validity
5 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 1000 30 days
10 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 2000 30 days
20 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 3000 30 days
40 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 4000 30 days
60 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 5000 30 days


Jio service has expanded countrywide and they are making the telecom sector under their control. Now other telecom companies like – Airtel are hardly making progress in this cut-throat competition. Even though Airtel also launching cheap 4G smartphones in just Rs. 2899 which only cost you just Rs. 1399 after the usage of 3 years.

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