Check Net Balance In Idea【 Idea USSD Codes List】

The Idea is Biggest telecom Industry in India which provides best and reliable services For its customers.Idea Cellular India Pvt. Ltd. company provides the best network in all rural and urban areas.Idea Cellular India Pvt Ltd is a venture of Aditya Birla Group. The idea has the biggest network service provider company in India and people take idea Sim very frequently, that’s why they Idea users need to all Idea USSD Codes for Check Net Balance In Idea, Balance Check in Idea, Idea Net Balance Check code, how to check Net Balance In Idea, data balance, check main account balance and other types of services which provide by Idea.

About USSD Codes [All Idea USSD Codes]

In the Mind, of  Users, the first Question arises what is the USSD Codes? The simple and best explanation of this question is USSD means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. These are the specific number or code that starts with * (Star) and ends with #.


USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network.


USSD messages are up to 182 alphanumeric characters long. Unlike Short Message Service (SMS) messages, USSD messages create a real-time connection during a USSD session. The connection remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of a sequence of data. This makes USSD more responsive than services that use SMS. ~ Source Wikipedia


Most Frequently Used Idea USSD Codes List

Actually, the main aim to write this post is to provide a “List of Idea USSD Codes ”  and aware the users about all other free and paid services which are provided by Idea.

There are much difficulty and time-consuming process to find the most commonly used Idea USSD Codes and other services like how to check Check Net Balance In Idea? etc.

Here we provide a complete list of daily used all Idea USSD Codes which provides Idea Net Balance Check, Check Net Balance In Idea, check idea main balance, Net Balance In Idea and other offers of Idea. Users can check the list given below which provides mostly used Idea USSD codes.

Idea USSD Codes Function Idea USSD Codes
Idea Balance Check *130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea main menu USSD codes  *111#
Idea net balance Check or Check Net Balance In Idea *125# or *432*4# or *131*3# or *432*4#
Idea Loan USSD Code *150*10# or *150*10# for Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 idea loan
Idea Best Offer Check USSD codes *121#
Idea Number Check *121*4*1*5# or *121*4#
Idea 2G net balance Check *125# or *131*3#

Idea Balance Check USSD Codes (2018) [ Main balance Check]

All idea users main problem is how to check their idea sim main balance. Idea provides different types of methods which are free for Idea balance Check.

In the first Method, Idea gives a message after call disconnect which shows your main balance. If idea users want to check manually their balance than idea provides some codes which are called Idea USSD Codes for the Balance check.

A List of Idea Balance Check USSD Codes

Idea USSD codes Function Idea USSD codes
Idea Balance Check *130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea Balance Check *130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea SMS Balance Check  *451# or *161*1#
Idea account balance Check  *456# or *457#
Idea main menu USSD codes  *111#

Check Net Balance In Idea [ Idea USSd Codes]

Ideprovidesde free facility to Check Net Balance In Idea and best Internet offers In Idea. Idea Net Balance Check codes provide the service which tells about the use of Internet balance in Idea.

Here given below list provides complete details about Net Balance In Idea and how to Check Net Balance In Idea??

Idea Ussd codes Function Idea Ussd codes
Idea 4G net balance Check  *432*4# or *125# or *131*3#
Idea USSD Code to view usage benefits *167*3#


 Idea Loan Number (Loan Codes, MB, Talktime) [ Idea USSD Codes]

Idea USSD cofunctions Idea ussd codes
Idea Loan USSD Code *150*10# or *150*20# for Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 idea loan
Idea Internet data MB Loan Code Dial *150*06# for 2G internet data loan or *150*333# for 3G internet data loan
Idea USSD code for Rs 5 Internet data loan *165*# or *165*Loan Amount#
Idea USSD code to view loan benefits *167*4#
Idea USSD Code for 20MB Internet data loan *150*773# or *150*10# or *150*20#(Idea USSD Codes) 

Idea USSD Codes For Check Idea Phone Number

Idea Number Check USSD Codes  *121*4*1*5# or *121*4# or *789# or *100# or *1#

Idea GPRS Settings ⚙ USSD Codes

SMS SET to 12345 to get GPRS settings for your smartphone

Idea USSD Codes For Do Not Disturb (DND) Activation ✅ and Deactivation 🚫 

Call  1909 for activation and deactivation of Do not disturb service in your smartphone

Idea USSD codes For Idea Mobile Number Portability 

Idea mobile number portability USSD Codes SMS PORT to 1900

Idea USSD Codes For 3G/2G (Large) Internet Data Packs, Plans

First Users Check Net Balance In Idea, If it is expired or finished than the user can use given below codes for Recharge their Internet Plan In 3G/2G Idea Network. Idea Net Balance Check USSD Codes we have provided In the starting of this article.

Price Benefits Validity (days) Idea USSD Codes
Rs. 175 1 GB 28 *150*175#
Rs. 249 1.5 GB 28 *150*249#
Rs. 352 2.5 GB 28 *150*352#
Rs. 655 5.5 GB 28 *150*655#
Rs. 992 10 GB 28 *150*992#

Recommended: All Unlimited Internet Data Plans

3G (Small) Internet Data Packs and Plans [ Idea USSD Codes ]

Price Benefits Validity Idea USSD Codes
Rs. 16 Unlimited 3G 1 hour *150*16#
Rs. 26 100 MB 3 days *150*26#
Rs. 44 175 MB 5 days *150*44#
Rs. 54 1 GB 1 day *150*54#
Rs. 66 200 MB to 1 GB 15 day *150*66#

Idea USSD Codes For Idea 2G (Small) Internet Data 🌏 Packs and Plans

If Idea users working on Internet and their Internet plan is expire when they Check Net Balance In Idea than they use small or Chota Internet Balance in Idea. Here is given below list provides small or Chota Internet plan offers.

Price Benefits Validity Idea USSD Codes
Rs. 13 75 MB 2 day *150*13#
Rs. 18 (USSD) Unlimited 2G 1 day *150*1802#
Rs. 28 160 MB 4 day *150*28#
Rs. 37 125 MB 28 days *150*37#
Rs. 98 325 MB 28 days *150*38#

Idea Full Talk time Plans and Offers

Price Benefits Price Benefits
Rs. 25 25* Rs. 65* 65
Rs. 200 200 Rs. 250 250
Rs. 400 400 Rs. 500 550
Rs. 1000 1100 Rs. 1500 1650

Note: “*” When User recharge of 25 than the validity of this recharge would be of 3 days and on recharge of 65 the validity of this would be of 9 days.

On recharge of Rs. 2000 Get a talk time of Rs. 2200
On recharge of Rs. 80 get talk time between Rs. 70 to Rs. 120
On recharge of Rs. 350 get a talk time of Rs. 365

Idea Minutes Packs, Offers and Plans [ Idea USSD Codes]

Price Benefits Validity (days) Idea USSD Codes
Rs. 99 250 local/ STD minutes 28 *150**99#
Rs. 199 550 local/STD minutes 28 *150*199#

Idea USSD Codes For SMS Packs and Plans

Price Benefits (Local+ National SMS) Validity (days) Idea USSD Codes
Rs. 9 100 5 *150*09#
Rs. 12 120 10 *150*12#
Rs. 18 180 21 *150*18#
Rs. 35 350 28 *150*35#
Rs. 49 525 28 *150*49#

Complete List of Idea USSD Codes of Check Net Balance In Idea And Other Services

Here we provide a complete list of Idea USSD Codes, In this post, We provide complete and detailed Information about Idea USSD Codes. You can simply Dial them via your dial pad of your smartphone.

Idea USSD Codes Function Idea USSD Codes
IDea Balance Check *130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea Last 3 Recharge Codes *147*1*1#
Idea Last 7 Calls Codes *147*1*2#
Check Idea my plan Information USSD Code *147*1*3#
Check Idea last charges USSD Code *147*1*4#
Check Idea MOB service USSD Code *147*2*1#
Check Idea GET SIM USSD Code *147*2*2#
Check Idea ACT STATUS USSD code *147*2*3#
Check Idea last 3 recharge  USSD Code *147*2*4#
Check Idea last adjustment  USSD Code *147*2*5#
Check Idea get circle Code A to Z USSD Code *147*3#
Check Idea VAS and DT service USSD Code *121*4*4#
Check Idea festive days USSD Code *121*4*6*1#
Idea PUK Codes *121*4*6*3#
Check Idea BAR service USSD Code *121*4*6*5#
Idea DND Service activation or Deactivation USSD Code 1909
Check Idea roaming charge USSD Code *121*4*7*1#
Check Idea roaming recharge and USSD Code *121*4*7*2#
Check Idea roaming recharge and USSD Code *121*4*7*3#
Check Idea roaming recharge and USSD Code *121*4*7*4#
Check Idea roaming recharge and USSD Code *121*4*7*5#
Check Idea roaming plan USSD Code *121*4*7#

Daily Use Idea Balance check USSD Codes

Idea USSD Codes function Idea USSD codes
Idea Balance Check *130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea 2G net balance Check *125# or *131*3#
Idea SMS balance Check *451# or *161*1#
Idea  special packs Check *131*3#
Idea service menu USSD codes *147#
Idea account balance Check *456# or *457#
Idea main menu USSD codes *111#
Check Idea activate call waiting *43#
Check Idea price Information *567#

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Check Net Balance In Idea Best Tips and ✨ Tricks:

In this post, we provide All the details of Idea USSD Codes which are very helpful for checking your Net Balance In Idea, main account balance in Idea, Check Net Balance In Idea and other services of Idea which are free and paid by Idea Cellular India Pvt. Ltd. We are going to provide some cool tricks that will help you to save your precious time because“Time is Money”. In this post, we provide given below facilities to our Users 

  • Idea Last Data Usage
  • Idea Net Balance Check 
  • Idea Balance Check
  • Net Balance In Idea
  • Any Active Service Notification
  • Idea Offers Check
  • Check Net Balance In Idea
  • Idea Net Balance Check


Download My Idea android app and ISO App to know:

  • Idea Number Check
  • Check Net Balance In Idea
  • Idea Offers Check
  • Idea Net Balance Check
  • Idea Net Balance Check
  • Idea Balance Check


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