Check Idea Balance – A Complete List Of Idea USSD Codes

Updated List of Idea USSD Codes to check idea balance and another plan of Idea Network :

For the Idea Network users, It is important to check the balance of the account, data pack, activate or deactivate the services and etc. You can use the idea USSD codes to check all of these in an easily way.

There are many ways to check your balance or other information on your Idea Network.  Primary you can send a message and get your balance detail from your network. Secondary you can easily use Idea app to check more information about ideas like main balance, 3G Internet, Idea balance check, idea 4g balance check, idea balance check online, how to check balance in idea sim, Credit and much more. But In India, there are most people which don’t have Smartphone to use idea app. So they use the simple step to Check Idea Balance. To minimize your headache, you can use Idea USSD Codes. For those people, we provide Idea USSD codes to simply Idea Balance Check or update on Network services.


Definition of USSD Codes :

The Codes or numbers that end with ‘#'(hash) and starts with ‘*'(star) are called USSD codes.

Full form of USSD code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. These are the easiest way to activate or deactivate Services on a Network. USSD codes are also known as “Feature codes” and “Quick codes”. USSD code is used for browsing Balance check services, prepaid callback service, Balance Transfer services, location-based content services, mobile-money services, menu-based information services.

Check Idea balance USSD Codes:

Check Main Idea Balance                                                                             *123# or *121#

Check Idea Internet Balance                                                                        *125#

Check Idea Credit /Loan Balance                                                               *150*10#

Check Idea SMS Balance                                                                               *451#

Check Idea 2G Internet Balance                                                                *121*4*3*2#

Check Idea 3G Internet Balance                                                                *121*4*3*2#

Check Idea Account Balance                                                                      *456# or *457#


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The process to Check Idea Balance:

If you want to know main balance/talk time in Idea network then you can easily dial Idea USSD code to collect the Idea Balance Check and other Information Like check idea balance, idea 4g balance check, idea balance check online, how to check balance in idea sim etc. We have different-different Idea USSD Codes for different-different balance checks. So there are different lists of Idea USSD Codes, you can easily use these to know any type of balance.


Steps to know or Check Idea Balance:

  • Open dial pad of your mobile phone and type on it like *212# or *130# or *123#
  • All of Idea USSD codes used to know the main balance of Idea Network
  • For Check Internet Idea Balance we can type on dial pad *125#
  • This USSD code show our Current Internet balance
  • For Check Idea SMS balance, type on dial pad *451# or *161*1#
  • This Idea USSD code shows our Current SMS balance on our Network.


The process to Check Idea Internet Balance:

Currently, there are three types of Internet recharge in Idea Network like the 2G Internet, 3G Internet, and 4G Internet. We can check all types of Internet balance with help of Idea USSD Codes, that will show current plans and current balance, So to check Idea Internet Balance following these steps:

Steps to know or Check Idea Internet Balance:

  • To know about your 2G Internet balance, type on dial pad *121*4*3*2#
  • It is the easy Idea USSD code that shows you whole balance detail
  • To check Idea Internet Balance type on dial pad *125#
  • To know about your 3G Internet balance, type on dial pad *121*4*3*1#
  • To get Internet GPRS Settings of Idea, type a message  as “SET” to 12345





USSD Code Details
*212# or *130# or *123# Idea Balance Check Code
*130*Recharge code# Idea Recharge Code
*456# or *457# Idea Account balance
*125# or *131*3# Idea 2G Net Blance Check Code
*125# Idea Net Balance Check (3G)
*125# Idea 4G Balance Check
*369# Idea Local Minute Pack
*451# or *161*1# Idea SMS Balance
1909 DND Activation/Decativation
*165*Loan Amount# Idea Loan code
*567* Idea Balance Transfer
*369# Idea Pack
*567# Idea Price
*111# Idea Menu
12345 Idea Customer Care Number
155223 VAS Deactivation
1925 Idea 4G Activation Code
ACT 3G to 12345 Idea 3g activation ussd code
*131*3# Idea Special Packs
*123# Idea Value Added Service
*456# Idea 30 Rs Pack
*43# Activate Call Waiting
FRESH to 4666 Idea GPRS Activation
*129# Idea Dialer Tone
*333*5# Idea Missed Call Alert Activation
*789# or *100# or *1# Know Your own Idea number
UNSUBONDCKT to 56456 Deactivate Idea Cricket Service
SET to 12345 or 54671 Idea GPRS Settings
*777# Daily Cricket Pack
*567*< Reciever No > Space <Amount># Idea Balance Transfer Code



Finally on Idea USSD Codes for Check Idea Balance :

In this article, we have discussed the important Idea USSD codes. Some of the USSD helps us to take a loan at the time of difficulty. We are sharing these codes after full verification, So use these Check Idea Balance and How to check  Idea Balance these Idea USSD codes to simplify the process of your network.

Share these amazing codes with your friends on social media.  And tell them the importance of Idea USSD Codes. If you want to get more updates then you need to like our FB page. And comment on any Queries Freely.

If you want to know about any other USSD codes, working on a particular State. Please comment us, we will be working on that code and update it soon.


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