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BSNL is India’s popular telecom Industry. It provides best and suitable plans for its customers. There are many customers who are using BSNL. But sometimes customer forgot their Number. So today I will discuss all the methods by which you can find your own BSNL number in your network. This article is related to BSNL number check, BSNL number check codes, BSNL number check Ussd Codes, Check BSNL number, BSNL check own number and much more.

About BSNL Number Check Guide

There are lots of BSNL customer who are using BSNL sim card. Sometimes they forgot their Bsnl phone number and so they want to find their phone numbers. There are different ways and methods for finding BSNL Number.

bsnl number check

The customers check Bsnl Number in many ways, here I am discussing all these methods with detailed explanation.

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Method 1: Check Own BSNL Number (BSNL Number Check Online)

This is a very easy method to check BSNL Number. If there is a sufficient balance in your phone then you can make a call to your relative or nearby phone number. By doing this your phone number is showing on his phone and you can see your phone number.
For this method please check these steps
  • Pick up your mobile phone and unlock it.
  • Open dialer pad of your Mobile Phone.
  • Dial your friend or relative number ( Mom, Dad, and any close friend)
  • That’s it, you can see your👀 number on their mobile phone.

Method 2: Check BSNL Number By BSNL USSD Codes

Friends, Bsnl provides facility to check Bsnl Number by Bsnl Ussd codes. There is some specific code by using these codes you can find your phone number. You can open your dial pad and type the given code by doing this you can get Information about your Bsnl Phone number.

The Bsnl USSD code is given here for BSNL Number Check Please Use these codes

Just dial 164 or *8888#  from your mobile phone to know your mobile number in BSNL


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