BSNL Caller Tune Number For Free BSNL Tune For Your Caller

BSNL provides best and reliable services for its customers. It provides its services at a very cheap price. By setting up your favorite song as your caller tune, your caller listen to that nice song. In this post, I discuss bsnl caller tune, bsnl caller tune number, bsnl caller tune code, bsnl dialer tune number, how to set caller tune in BSNL by SMS,  BSNL tune charges, how to deactivate bsnl caller tune much more things.

About BSNL Caller Tune

BSNL Caller Tune is a service provided by BSNL For its customers. By activating this service your caller can listen to your favorite song instead of the boring Trian-Trian tune.

bsnl caller tune

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Set BSNL Caller Tune By SMS

So, let’s start our journey to🛩 know The method of set caller tune in BSNL.

BSNL Tune Number How To Set Caller Tune In BSNL
To set your favorite song as your Bsnl tune by SMS Send an SMS BT ACT to 56700
To set your favorite song as your caller tune by calling Please dial 56700
To set BSNL caller tune by copying a bsnl tune Please press *9
Set your caller tune by SMS by searching your favorite song Send an SMS search <songname> to 56799
 By searching for a particular song by SMS Send an SMS BT REQUEST <songname> to 56700
To select songs for your caller tune Send a SMS BT ACT <songcode> to 56700

Steps Required For Deactivation Of BSNL Caller Tune

If bsnl customers want to deactivate their Caller Tune than please follow the given steps 👇:

BSNL Tune Number Deactivate Number of Your Bsnl Tune
To deactivate your caller tune please send this message SMS BT DACT to 56700

 Select Songs For BSNL Caller Tune Number

BSNL Customers can select the songs to form Bsnl official websites.🌏, Here some steps are given to select a song for your caller tune.

  • You need to click on given below link
  • After the click, a new tab is open with songs list
  • Just choose the song which you like most
  • Best of luck

Charges For BSNL Caller Tune  

The Sms Charges For the BSNL tune is Rs.2/- per SMS.

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