Aircel USSD Codes [Balance Check In Aircel, Data Plan & other Services]*

Aircel is India’s largest telecommunication company. But today, Aircel is not providing good or apt services to their users or customers. This makes the result that majority of the users converting their sim either in Airtel or Vodafone. However, if you possess Aircel sim then you have to know All Aircel Ussd codes. With the help of these Ussd codes, you can easily find all the balance related information without calling to customer care. You can find your own number, Aircel offers, Aircel net offers, Aircel Recharge Code, Aircel talk time transfer plus much more.Now Aircel is going to increase the list of its own Ussd Codes to provide more cool offers & many other details related to your number.

In the article, We are Sharing all Aircel ussd codes using those code Aircel Users can find any service detail related to the Aircel network. These USSD codes are very important if you are using Aircel Sim on Your phone.

 In short, Aircel ussd codes is the simplest way to check for important information for your mobile number including balance check, voice call minutes & other network services.

What Is USSD Code? 

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) sometimes known as ‘Quick Codes’ or ‘Features Codes’ is a protocol utilized by GSM mobile telephones to talk to the service providers computers.

Ussd can be utilized for WAP surfing around, prepaid callback service, mobile -money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services & within configuring the telephone on the network.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a global system for mobile which is used to give information about your mobile by dialing some codes. It is the technology that is used to send text between a mobile phone & an application program in the network.

Every mobile network operator has their own Ussd Codes. It works as an interface between the users & mobile operator.

Read More About USSD Codes Form Wikipedia.

Daily Used Aircel USSD Codes [ Balance Check In Aircel ]

In everyday life, everyone needs to check their balance and other services related to their network. In this article we are providing all daily used Aircel Ussd Codes, with the help of these Ussd Codes Anyone can find all the free and paid services of Aircel.

In this section, Users can check the basic and most commonly used USSD Codes. These codes provide balance check in Aircel, Aircel balance check, Net balance check in Aircel, number port in Aircel etc. facilities. Please check these Codes.

Aircel USSD Codes Function Aircel USSD Codes
Aircel Main balance Check Ussd code *125# or SMS BAL to 121 or *127#
Aircel 3G/4G Data Balance Check *125# or *130#
Aircel 2G Data Balance Check *125# or *130#
Aircel ussd code to check SMS Balance and Validity *126*2# or *123#
Aircel ussd code to check Minutes Balance *123#
Aircel USSD Codes Check own Mobile Number *131# or *1#
Aircel USSD Codes balance transfer *122*666#

Aircel Balance Check USSD Codes [Aircel Net Balance Check] 

In this Section, user can find all Aicel Ussd Codes which are mainly Related to Aircel balance check, Net balance in Aircel etc. Please See these Codes.

Aircel Balance Check Ussd code *125# or SMS BAL to 121 or *127#
Aircel Net Balance Check Code *126*1# or *126*4#
Aircel 2g/3g balance check ussd code *123*11# or *111*99#
Aircel Internet balance check ussd code *126*4#
Aircel Data Balance Check ussd code *111*99#
Aircel SMS Balance Check ussd code *123#

How To Activate And Deactivate Aircel (DND) Do Not Disturb Services

Call  1909 for activation and deactivation of Do not disturb service in your smartphone

Aircel Balance Transfer [ Aircel Ussd Codes]

Aircel balance transfer ussd codes *121*666# and then choose option

USSD Codes For Aircel Number Check

Aircel Number Check (Know Own Number) *131# or *1#

Aircel GPRS And Internet Setting [Aircel USSD Codes]

SMS PI or ALL to 54321 to get GPRS settings for your smartphone

Aircel Customer Care Number (Aircel Ussd Codes)

Aircel customer care number 121 or 123 or 198 (for any complain)

Aircel Loan USSD Codes

Aircel Loan Ussd Code *414# or SMS LOAN to 55414

Aircel Mobile Number Portability (Aircel ussd codes)

Aircel mobile number portability ussd codes SMS PORT to 1909

aircel ussd codes

All Aircel USSD Codes 3G & 4G Net Balance Check, Aircel Balance Check | Packs, Plans, Data 2018

Aircel Ussd Codes Function Aircel Ussd Codes
Aircel Balance Check Ussd code *125# or *127#
Aircel Net Balance Check Code *130# or *125#
Aircel Loan Ussd Code *414# or SMS LOAN to 55414
Aircel 3g balance check ussd code *130# or *125#
Aircel Internet balance check ussd code *130# or *125#
Aircel Balance Transfer code *121*666#
Aircel Number Check (Know Own Number) *131# or *1#
Aircel Data Balance Check ussd code *111*99#
Aircel SMS Balance Check ussd code *123#
Aircel Recharge code *124*Voucher_code#
Aircel Minutes and SMS Balance check *123#
Aircel DND 1909
Aircel Calling Balance *111*4#
Aircel Rate Cutter 1215 or *122#
Aircel Value added services 1214
IMIS No *222# or *2# or *214#
Aircel Free Hello Tunes UL to 5800000
Aircel Roaming Recharge *121*2#
Aircel Internet packs *121*4#
Aircel Night packs *121*7#
Aircel SMS packs *121*8#

Internet Data Packs, Plans In Aircel 3G Network

Price Benefits Validity (days) Aircel Ussd Codes
Rs.15 60 MB 1 *121*015#
Rs. 37 1 GB According to 298 *121*37#
Rs. 42 125 MB 28 *121*42#
Rs. 44 200 MB 7 *121*044#
Rs. 78 400 MB 14 *121*078#
Rs. 147 1 GB 28 *121*147#
Rs. 198 1.5 GB 30 *121*198#
Rs. 298 2 GB 28 *121*298#

Note: For activation dial *121*3#

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Internet Data Packs, Plans In Aircel 2G Network

Price Benefits Validity (days) Aircel Ussd Codes
Rs. 24 100 MB 28 *121*24#
Rs. 58 1 GB 21 *121*058#
Rs. 98 Unlimited data 28 *121*98#
Rs. 17 Unlimited data 3 *121*17#
Rs. 29 Unlimited data 5 *121*29#
Rs. 52 Unlimited data 7 *121*52#
Rs. 109 Unlimited data 25 *121*0109#
Rs. 134 Unlimited data 28 *121*1340#
Rs. 199 Unlimited data 90 *121*199#

For activation dial *121*3#

Talktime Plans And Packs In Aircel

Price Benefits Validity (days)
Rs. 26 26 3
Rs. 45 45 5
Rs. 69 69 10
Rs. 150 150 Lifetime
Rs. 155 155 Lifetime
Rs. 200 200 Lifetime
Rs. 1000 1100 Lifetime

SMS Pack, Plans In Aircel Network

Price Benefits Validity (days) Aircel Ussd Codes
Rs. 9 110 10 *121*9#
Rs. 18 225 28 *121*18#
Rs. 35 500 28 *121*35#
Rs. 49 800 28 *121*49#
Rs. 59 900 28 *121*59#
Rs. 89 1400 30 *121*89#

Note: For activation dial *121*4#

Internet Packs, Plans Ussd Codes In Aircel

Aircel 3G Data Packs  *121*6#
PI 9 – 40MB – 1Day  *121*6#*2# and type 1 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 15 – 60MB – 1Day  *121*6#*2# and type 2 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 28 – 125MB – 1Day  *121*6#*2# and type 3 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 44 – 200MB – 3Days  *121*6#*2# and type 4 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 78 – 400MB – 14Days  *121*6#*2# and type 5 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 122 – 500MB – 30Days  *121*6#*2# and type 6 Then Manually Subscribe
 Aircel SMS Packs  *121*7#
 100 Local/National SMS @Rs.3/day  *121*7*1#
 100 Local/National SMS @Rs.9  Valadity-10 Din  *121*7*2#
90Days Rate Cutter  *121*8#
 RC33 – Local A2A Calls @15p/min for 60 days  *121*8# and type 1 Then Manually Subscribe
 Local @30p Rs.32  *121*8# and type 2 Then Manually Subscribe
 Roaming @45p Rs.37  *121*8# and type 3 Then Manually Subscribe
 STD @40p Rs.72  *121*8# and type 4 Then Manually Subscribe
 Loc/STD ap/[email protected]  *121*8# and type 5 Then Manually Subscribe
Special Night Combo   *121*11#
PI 123 UL Aircel to Aircel call +UL Night Data for 14 night FUP 500MB 12 to5
 Loan Service  *121*9# or dial for *414#
Balance Transfer Amount 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100  *121*666#

This may conclude that the Aircel Ussd Codes are the unique shortcodes for the different type of supplementary services. These codes are used to check various sim services like

– Calling balance,

– Data Internet pack balance,

-Minute balance and other network services.

I hope this article is helpful for you.If you have any type of difficulty while using these Ussd Codes than please comment in Comment box.

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