5 Technical ways to make a small room appear larger

Whether you are staying in an over-priced apartment in a metropolitan city, or simply living in a dorm as a student, in both the cases you will definitely understand the pain and struggle to make a small room appear as a bigger one is oh- so real type. It is not at all an easy task to fit a sofa set in a smaller living area, or a bed in a bedroom which takes the entire area if the bed is kept their keeping no space for any other things. But, there is nothing to worry and get saddened up for this. Listed below are 5 hacks which will make your smaller room look welcoming, creative, and bigger in size:

  • Always keep in mind that the furniture that can be stacked, wheelchaired or folded are your friend in a true sense. Go for such furniture which can be the move when not in use or not required for a certain period of time. Furniture like this gives you the opportunity to utilize the space of your room properly without making it look clumsy.


  • You can also go for wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling bookcases, which will definitely give your room a new look and your room will appear to look high and even add up storage space for extra things.


  • Sometimes buying the furniture which is the same in color just as your room simply blends in and widen up the space of the room and makes it look bigger than usual. If both your wall and furniture matches in color then it will give your room a large appearance as they are not recognizable that easily.


  • A sofa cum bed from Urban Ladder will be of great help in such a situation. To make your room look bigger in size go for such furniture which can be utilized in multipurpose ways. This will not only make your room look spacious but will also reduce your pain from moving any furniture from one place to another. Within a few minutes, you can turn your sofa into a bed and relax. In the same way, you can opt for a dining table which can be adjusted to the different size and made large or small according to the need.


  • Use simple and small prints of rugs and fabrics for your room to give it the appearance of a bigger size. And, even as and where possible use mirrors so that the reflection will make your room look much bigger than reality. For this reason, you can also opt for see-through furniture or glass furniture which will make the space look surreal.


Other than these hacks you need to have few ideas to make your room look utterly chic, inviting, and multi-functional at the same time by being simply creative, and not using too many pieces of furniture.

But you can be simply dramatic and make your room bigger in size if you keep few artworks and paintings in your room which will definitely add up a different kind of beauty to the room and make it appear different in both look and size.

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